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Renewing towards Clean and Green future...... The Biodigesters

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SK Renewables Private Limited is an SPV of SSEV Group ( which specializes in effective waste management systems all over India by providing domestic and commercial

Bio digesters

The company is introducing "BIODIGESTERS" for converting the Organic waste into Energy, by using the concept of anaerobic digestion which is a natural breakdown of organic materials into Biogas and Organic Fertilizer.
We, design, build and operate customized Biodigesters that generates Free GAS and Free ORGANIC FERTILIZER by utilizing your Kitchen/Organic Waste.

Commercial Bio-digesters

SSEV has the ability to custom-design biogas plants that are specific to your site, within your budget and timeline. We have built our reputation by harnessing anaerobic digestion to convert organic waste into a clean, reliable and renewable energy source.

The bio-digester

Biodigesters are designed to process any biodegradable waste in to Biogas and organic fertilizer. A huge quantity of organic materials is wasted everyday and is generally dumped in to garbage. This garbage stinks and pollutes the atmosphere and the environment.

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Commercial Bio-digester

SSEV's commercial biogas plant is designed based on the technology from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The biogas plant is a floa􀀝ng drum model comprising mainly of crusher, solar water heater, predigester tank, fermentation tank and gas holder.

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